Covid-19 Patient Protocol - Stellar Regenerative, LLC

Covid-19 Patient Protocol

Dear Patient,

As our communities continue to feel the impact of the corona virus/COVID-19, we feel it is necessary to share with you what we are doing to keep you safe and healthy.  We currently have a questionnaire in the office that we are asking all of our patients to fill out on arrival.

Please click the image below to complete the Questionnaire.

By completing our patient questionnaire, you are helping us provide a safe environment for you and our employees.  It has been over a hundred years since our country has seen a devastating plague to match the Corona virus.  The thing that makes this particular strain so dangerous is it’s proclivity for transmission.  It can remain viral on surfaces for up to three or four days, depending on the material and conditions.  We are concerned for all our patients and so we would like to provide some basic, common sense suggestions that will greatly help you to stay safe during this stressful time.

  • Unless absolutely necessary, we recommend that you obey the quarantine advisory and stay home.  The virus cannot get to you if you are home safe.
  • It is important to practice hygiene, especially with respect to your hands and face.  Always wash your hands after touching surfaces that may come in contact with other people.  Wash often and thoroughly, sing your favorite song once through as you wash to give ample time for the scrubbing process.
  • Practice safe social distancing.  It may seem obvious, but even visiting loved ones should be done with care.  We recommend 6 feet as a safe standard.
  • Where possible, try to stock up on some of the more used items in your house.  This will cut down on the number of times you need to leave your house.
  • Always practice clean and disinfecting techniques for all the hard surfaces of your living area.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.  Now is not the time to take that cruise, even if the rates are low.
  • If you experience any symptoms such as a dry cough, abnormal fever, or other unusual symptoms contact your healthcare provider immediately.