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Qualify For Medical Marijuana

We are Now Offering
Medical Marijuana Certifications

See if you qualify for medical marijuana. There are so many health benefits to the hemp oil extract. With proper care and supervision, you can take advantage of all the superior health benefits of medical marijuana.

Consequently, our goal is to help our patients take back control of their lives by providing them with effective cannabis-based alternative treatments to manage their different ailments.

To qualify for a medical marijuana certificate the following form must be filled out prior to setting up your appointment with Stellar Regenerative Medicine Wellness Clinic.   Medical Certification price is $250 for initial visit. 10% Discount for Veterans!

Most recent medical records will be needed at the Initial certification appointment

Medical Marijuana Certification

Take this survey to see if you qualify prior to setting your appointment.

Conditions which may be eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation include but are not limited to:

Links for more information about Florida's certification process.

How To Get Your Florida Cannabis Card

Basic Information Florida Cannabis Card